Nov 8, 2017

[POST][PC] Road Redemption (2017)

Road Redemption

Remember good old Road Rash from the 90's? Well, this is the successor to that awesome and interesting game! ROAD REDEMPTION!! (echoes redemption, redemption, redemption...)

So, the gameplay is most likely the same, BUT it's 2017, so whole new level of graphics!!

You can upgrade your ride, unlock characters, play online (doesn't work for me), unlock bikes, murder other player!! MURDER!!! MUHAHA- wait, I forgot 2016 release was ok, but this, this is a big update to the game.

New interface, new AI, new weapons, fixed bugs when crashing outside the track (player wasn't crashing into things outside the track) and new maps and fixed structure of old ones.

You gotta check it out!! Here's a video, it's slow but you'll get the idea... hopefully...

Thanks for reading or watching or for doing both :)

Oct 15, 2017

[APP][4.0+] Linked Words - Reverse Words Lookup


A dictionary to search for words.

This is a type of dictionary which searches for related words or similar words in Datamuse words database.

This app is for searching:

  • same meaning words
  • word by definition
  • phrases
  • answers of questions
  • same sounding words
  • word spelling with wildcards

You can also filter out items by their

  • definition
  • word
  • or both
also you can select if the filter either contains the text or starts with the text.

This app was inspired by Reverse Dictionary app, created by Mihca Ceylan.


Screenshots: (Album


Aug 16, 2017

[DOWNLOAD LINKS] Links to MIUI 9 Closed Beta

Links to MIUI 9 Closed Beta!!

After I done messed up my phone installing LineageOS and Gapps, I started looking for some fixes on XDA and various sites.

I just knew that MIUI 9 is coming in August, perhaps 21st or later. I saw this news in XDA portal, I checked it out.

And there was I, staring in links with mouth open and watering. (jk not mouthwatering). So... here are links:

Beta ROMs:

Alpha ROMs:

Download Gapps

Change 'china rom' to 'global rom':
Root phone
Edit build.prop
Search for ro.product.mod_device=scorpio_mam_global and change scorpio with your phone's model.

Models table:
Redmi 4X santoni
Redmi Note 4 mido
Mi MIX lithium
Mi Note 2 scorpio
Mi 5 gemini
Mi 5s capricorn
Mi 5s Plus natrium
Mi 5c meri
Mi Max 2 oxygen
Mi Max 32G hydrogen
Mi Max 64/128G helium
Mi 4S aqua
Mi 4c libra
Mi Note Pro leo
Mi 5 gemini
Mi 6 sagit

Jul 26, 2017

[XDA-DEV] Xposed Framework for Nougat (API 24 & 25) [ARM, ARM64, X86]

Xposed Framework for Nougat [ARM64, X86 released]

I was just looking for Magisk for Xiaomi 4X and found out it is tough to install, so I thought there'll be probably Xposed released by now.

So, I started searching on Google for "Xposed for Nougat 7.1.1" and after it loaded first I saw some quote-unquote installers, but one was for SDK 25 ARM, not ARM64.

I felt like there is some hope, so I changed "Xposed for Nougat 7.1.1" to "Xposed SDK25 ARM64" and boom! it was there!!

The first search result I laid my eyes upon, was it! '[XPOSED] [NOUGAT] [WORK] [CAN UNSTABLE] Xposed SDK25/24 for all...' and without thinking for a second I just clicked it, and it was there, the majestic Xposed Framework for ARM64. I felt like I was soaring in sky.

But it said "might have some bugs"/"unstable" that's why I'm thinking not to install it because Magisk already done messed up with my phone and I had to reinstall ROM again... with crappy MIUI things!! 

If you want to have a try you can check it here: [XDA Thread] [Reddit (could be only for OnePlus, not sure)]

Jun 13, 2017

Google Pixel 2 Details Leaked

Google Pixel 2 Leaked Details

Everyone knows Google makes awesome smartphones (at least I think they do), Pixel and Nexus. And their codenames are of fishes or whales.

The leak says the codenames of Pixel 2 phones will be Muskie, Walleye and Taimen. BUT... That are nothing than just some rumors. But who knows?

Leak says it'll run Qualcomm octa-core processor, 4Gigs of RAM and Android O (API O), there might be a chance of curved screen, just like Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S8.

The leak also says Pixel 2 will outperform Galaxy S8, I mean yeah it should. As Google is competitor to all of Android smartphones.

All we have to do is wait and watch....

Mar 13, 2017

Google Voice Access - Control Your Android With Your Voice!

Google Voice Access

Yesterday, I just came around a new app, called Voice Access, I thought it would be same old dumb quote-unquote controlling app, I thought I should give it a whirl (yea, cool icons drive me crazy!), after clicking on it, I saw "by Google" written there, the moment I saw "by Google", I installed it without thinking.

Few minutes were spent doing settings, walking through tutorial, learning this and that.

First time ever saw something real and spontaneous! "IT WORKED!", I shouted. (not from rooftops though)

I tried typing text (type hello world), it worked. Going back forth on screens (go back) and home (go home), it worked. Swiping left and right (swipe forwards, swipe backwards), it worked. Almost everything worked, except for few things like, can't dial numbers and can't play songs, even if I somehow managed to play some song or music, Voice Access wouldn't recognize some commands, or it got confused with songs' vocals.

Nevertheless, it IS a really (I mean really!) useful app to have. A MUST HAVE APP!

I must recommend everyone to use this. And I did today, told my classmates about this amazingly cool app.


Google Play Store

Dec 1, 2016

Google Play's New Card-Based UI

Google Play's new card-based UI

I was surfing Google+ after a long time, I noticed the notification dot top-right corner near my profile pic.

So, I clicked on it to check out what notification was about...

I saw there was notification, that said "Play store has a new layout!!!" so I clicked on it and saw this amazing new video of card-based UI of Play Store.

So I searched on Google about news and stuff I realized it's only for some smartphones (or maybe for some Android-N builds).

Let's wait and see when the new UI will come to us, and let's hope they bring less laggy Permissions list... ( ._.)

Permissions list